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Cornell M.Eng CS Project : IsisCubeDemo

The goal for this project is to create a demo application to visualize the communication between nodes in Isis2 system.

Here, for IsisCubeDemo application, the follwoings are used.
Windows 7 32bit
Isis V2.0.1102 : Cloud System library
XNA 4.0 : Rendering library
.NET 4.0 : Network framework
Object model/textures: MSDN XNA (model files)
Dhpoware : Camera UI source code
Nulclex : Button GUI dll
Microsoft soft visual C# 2010 express : IDE

*Since Isis2, Object model/textures, Dhpoware's code and Nulclex's dlls are included in this project, you only need to install XNA 4.0, .NET 4.0, Microsoft soft visual C# 2010 express, or upper versions of them in order to run this code.

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